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J.M--A stop smoking client

Today marks a milestone all thanks to you; I am celebrating one-year of being smoke-free! The best thing is that I don't remember smoking; I never missed it. Only wish I had found you years earlier, but I can't change what has already happened; I am just grateful that I stopped. I have a doctor's appointment today and I am looking forward to it - can't wait to change my information to non-smoker!  Thank you for everything; you have made a huge difference in my life.

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S.S.--A weight loss client

" I wanted to let you know that I have been following your instructions...I have been extremely stressed this past week and have not turned to food! Quite a change for me!"

S.C. Weight loss client

" It is absolutely amazing how small my portions sizes are. Last night, I made most delicious salmon steak -- could not even finish 1/2 of what was on the plate and it was not much to begin with. This is unbelievable and most profound change in me. I always could not stop until I finish all the tasty stuff. Allowed myself a little beer today, while in the past I'd have a bottle or two, but today I poured just 6 oz...was satisfied after 3. Done and feeling good! My dance partner commented yesterday that I got "trim" -ahhh...that means it is not in my head! Thanks for helping me in this..."



B.D.--A client for writer's block

​"Was just thinking of writing to you to let you know it worked great! I'll definitely let you know if I have any trouble in the future, but this seems to have worked great. Just wanted to let you know since our session I've finished not one, but TWO new plays --back to full-steam ahead"


S.P.--A procrastination client

"I cannot tell you how beneficial I find your audios...soon I will be transformed!"


A.B.--A self esteem client

"I just finished listening to it [hypnosis audio] and I am quite pleased! I feel more powerful already. Thanks again for being willing to take up a new challenge."


J.L. Stop smoking client ​

"I had a stop smoking session with you back in June. I am so happy to follow up with you and let you know that I have not gone back to my old habit. This has been truly amazing!"


Email from the wife of a stop smoking client

"He continues to do extremely well... SO VERY PLEASED WITH WHAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED -- YOU SAVED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He says to inform you that he is not only breathing so much better, but his sense of smell/taste has come back! Cannot thank you enough. I recommend you to anyone I hear of that wants to quit!"


K.L. And C.L.--Stop smoking clients

​"My wife and I are still smoke-free for 3 months now thanks to you. We are so much happier these days and saved over $600 so far. We are starting to inspire co-workers and many asked for your number so just a heads up, you may get a lot of calls soon. Thanks so much for your help and for saving our lives"


Kristen--self confidence client

"I am a new person because of Kim's hypnosis and its supportive approach.  From the very minute we met and as we have worked together, it is clear that she genuinely cares.  Her gentleness let me feel safe to move past my insecurities and to really explore myself, while at the same time she provides a firm touch that helped me build a much healthier mindset.  I certainly have more to do and I know that Kim will be there all the way until I get there."

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