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Kim Cogle


I first became interested in hypnotherapy when I took an Art Therapy course in college and the professor performed a guided meditation (hypnosis-light) for the class. I was struck by the power of the experience, and my love of hypnosis was born.​


In 1992, when my doctor discovered serious health issues, including uncontrolled blood pressure and severe kidney damage, I found relaxation/stress control techniques including self hypnosis and meditation played a critical part in the day-to-day management of my blood pressure and general emotional state. Without regular relaxation self hypnosis I struggled to remain positive and focused, but with it, I was able to overcome a great deal of adversity.



About me Education/Certifications


I received my certification for both Clinical Hypnosis and Regression Hypnosis through Dr. Ronald De Vasto of the Hypnotic Research Society in Winter Park, Florida. I received my Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification through Hypnosis Maryland. I also attend regular workshops, seminars, and conferences to keep current on new techniques and developments in hypnotherapy. In addition to my hypnotherapy credentials, I also hold a B.A. in Psychology from Shepherd College.


~ On A Personal Note ~


My primary objective in attaining my certifications in Hypnotherapy is to help people who are struggling with challenges of their own. My highest priority is to make sure you walk out feeling great about your experience. Hypnosis helped me and I have witnessed hypnosis help others. I am eager to help you get started making the healthy, positive changes you want to see in your life!

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