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How do I prepare for hypnosis?

Powerful emotions will make us connect to an experience on a deeper level, so emotional connections are an important component of a successful hypnosis session.  For example, if you want to quit smoking, connect to how great it will feel to be free from cigarettes, and how disgusted you are with the habit.  The more you connect on an emotional level, the more effective your hypnosis session will be!

Can I be hypnotized?

Yes!  The hypnotic state is a very familiar natural state.  In fact, all of us go into a hypnotic state frequently.  When we drive is a good example.  How many times have you arrived at your home not recalling much of the drive?  Your subconscious mind took over and acted as your "auto-piolet".  The key is to allow yourself to go into the deeply relaxing state of hypnosis.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Most people feel very relaxed and heavy, but some feel light and floaty, while others aren't aware of their body at all.  Hypnosis is a very individual experience, and you may have a different experience every time you are hypnotized.

Will hypnosis make me say/do something I wouldn't normally do?

No.  In the true hypnotic state, your conscious mind is still present, so if you were to hear a suggestion you didn't agree with, you would either reject it, or if it was highly objectionable, or against your character, you would simply come out of hypnosis completely.

Do you do group sessions?

Not anymore.  Since moving to my new office, I no longer have the space to hold group sessions.

How long after my session will I notice a difference?

Typically people notice immediate changes to mindset/behaviors/preferences.  BUT, since hypnosis cannot "install intent", your state of readiness to make the positive changes, and how much you connect emotionally to those positive changes during your session will influence your personal results. 

Are there people who cannot be hypnotized?

A good rule of thumb--if you can daydream, you can be hypnotized.  Since the vast majority of people have no problem daydreaming, most, if not all people can be hypnotized.  However, if the desire for change is very low, there's a lack of trust or rapport with your hypnotist, or there are significant secondary gains NOT to change, the motivation to let go and enter hypnosis is very low.

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