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Get a full blood work up

Have your doctor run blood tests for thyroid and vitamin deficiencies. An underactive thyroid, or being overly deficient in certain vitamins like D, B-12, magnesium, and iron can make you feel run down, depressed, and work against your body's natural systems which, in turn, can add fat to your body. 

Get a proper amount of sleep

Studies have shown that when people are sleep deprived they reach for sugar and carbohydrates at a much higher rate than those who get a minimum of 6.5 hours or more. The body is trying to make up for the lost energy by getting an very temporary sugar rush. Lack of sleep also increases stress levels and creates more excuses for emotional/stress eating.

Lean muscle burns fat!

Lean muscle burns fat, lean muscle burns fat...use it as a mantra to get yourself moving! Put exercise on your schedule, sign up for a weight loss challenge, find a work out buddy, join a gym, go to YouTube and find a tutorial on quick exercises you can do at work, get a pedometer--whatever works for you to get moving regularly.

Cut down or cut out alcohol

When you consume alcohol your liver will prioritize clearing the “poison” (alcohol) from your system over burning fat. So as soon as you introduce alcohol, all fat burning comes to a STOP until your liver has dealt with the alcohol. Alcohol also suppresses the “stop” functions in your brain, so you will continue to eat and drink long after you have had enough, and push you far PAST full​

Trick your mind & body

Swap out your dinner plates for smaller ones. We tend to fill our plates, and the eat everything on them. Making your plate smaller decreases the risk of overeating and doesn't leave you feeling deprived.​Swap the bowl of ice cream for a bowl of cut up bananas and blueberries or strawberries with whipped cream or yogurt...yummmmm Before indulging in bad foods like burgers, pizza, or fried chicken, eat a big salad and drink a full glass of water. When eating the bad stuff, eat very slowly and mindfully. You will eat less of the bad stuff and feel better for it.

Set a goal date

Whether it is a date, (6 months or a year from today) a milestone (birthday or anniversary) or an event (holiday or reunion) when you have a particular date or event in mind, it can be a motivating factor and keep you focused.

Stress is a trigger for emotional eating, diffuse it!

Meditate regularly to keep yourself emotionally balanced.  Take a walk (away) from the stressful situations (if possible).  Do something you enjoy instead of eating when you're stressed: play with a pet, have a cup of tea, read a book, or simply take 5 deep breaths.

Plan for your your success, not your sabotage

Keep the “bad foods” out of the house, and avoid the isles in the grocery store that have them.  Stop watching the Food Network/cooking shows. Studies have shown that people who watch food channels/shows consume 500 more calories a day than people who do not.  If you continue to eat/snack after dinner or when you are not hungry, brush/floss your teeth and if you are still tempted, pop in a piece of sugarless gum and keep your mouth busy!

Be realistic!

Choose a weight loss plan that you can adopt as your new lifestyle, not a short term "diet".  Be patient!  The weight wasn't added overnight, so if you hit a plateau, be flexible enough to tweak things a little, and your body will eventually respond to the changes in your eating and exercise patterns.

More lean proteins, please!

Proteins are complex and require more effort to digest, therefore protein stays in your stomach longer, and makes you feel fuller longer. Healthy sources of protein include fish, tofu, white meat chicken, nuts, and beans. If you start your morning with protein like eggs or egg whites, you will have more sustained energy and blood sugar remains much more stable.

Drink lots of water!

Studies demonstrate that drinking water is associated with long term weight loss. Your body can confuse dehydration with hunger, so keep yourself well hydrated and drink lots of water. Water is filling, so drink a tall glass before every meal. More benefits of keeping well hydrated include burning calories more efficiently, revving up your metabolism, and improving skin tone and texture.

Keep a food journal

Studies have shown that simply by taking the time to write down what you eat, can actually double your weight loss. A food diary also allows you to take an honest look at how much you are consuming.  An online resource for very accurate food journals 

Supplement your help!

Supplements can give your body the resources it needs to help you find the healthy balance you need to shed fat.

5-HTP is a sleep regulator and a mood elevator that studies have shown help people consume fewer calories.

Probiotics help with both mood and weight loss.  Studies have shown that getting your gut balanced with healthy beneficial bacteria help you shed fat and lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol.

B vitamins help boost your energy and metabolism.

Vitamin D boosts energy and mood.

Iron helps create healthy red blood cells which aids in the creation of fat burning muscle, helps deliver oxygen more efficiently, which boosts energy and mood!

Magnesium is essential for metabolism and energy production.  Without magnesium, the chemical reactions that produce energy in the body cannot happen.

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